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The Art of Collecting

March 9, 2012
As for me Collecting is not so much an art as it is a joy. I collect certain objects for pure enjoyment, merely because it’s fun. And truth is, hunting and gathering very specific objects one at a time is a real treat, a little adventure of sorts.
Multicolored folded paper boat candles by Designer Roman Ficek
Folded paper boat candles by Designer Roman Ficek via Candle Design

The ideas for my collections come from just about anywhere. I started collecting sterling silver tumblers for example when my mother gave me the one that she had bought for my Christening. I loved the shape and the engraving on it and it all started from there. After I had purchased my third tumbler at a flea market and arranged a little vignette on a side table, I actually realized that I had just started a collection.

I’ve collected all sorts of things over the years: wooden carved angels, sterling-silver tumblers, figurines –but only by pairs, and most recently colorful decorative candles. I don’t think of myself as a real collector though because once I am done with a collection I usually sell it or give it away to start a brand new one whereas a true collector would never part from his beloved possessions.

Anyways, my last whim as I mentioned are colorful decorative candles shaped into some sort of living being (people, animals, trees…). I haven’t quite figured out why candles. Truth is I hardly ever use candles myself and I certainly would never lit one that I have collected. I guess it’s mostly because I see them as fragile, and short-lived miniature sculptures that add unexpected pops of color around the house. And it’s not like I have thousands of them either because believe it or not, nice candles are actually very difficult to find. That said here are some of the highlights of my collection.

Bougie Trudon Bougie Bouddah Bougie Trudon Marie-Antoinette
Pillar candle and Marie-Antoinette bust by Cire Trudon, Buddha candle, unknown origin. Photography by XTalfu.

I particularly like the Marie-Antoinette bust candle and the pillar candle with the Roman Cameo from Cire Trudon. Talk about the “Rolls Royce” of all candles! A Trudon candle is pretty much the equivalent of an Hermes bag but with an additional heavenly scent! The company has been around without interruption since 1643 and they had among other famous clients Marie-Antoinette and Napoleon himself. Story says by the way, that the only gift the Emperor Napoleon gave to his own son when he was born was a Trudon candle encrusted with three pieces of gold featuring his head. Whether it’s true or not the fact remains that Trudon candles are second to none. Because they are made with all–vegetal materials (soy and copra for the wax and pure cotton for the wicks) blended with perfume they smell incredibly good and burn like forever. If you are in New York sometime soon, I strongly recommend you go visit their new shop on 54 Bond Street near Bowery Street in the East Village, it’s well-worth it!

There are many other interesting candle makers out there though. Actually, I am having a hard time choosing the next piece for my collection. Should I select a new bust to complement the one that I already have or should I pick a candle based on a color instead?

Bright pink owl shaped clandle by Memento Mori Pink skull-shaped candle by DL & Company
Citron Bulldog-shaped candle by Bougie la Francaise Citron Buddha candle by
Images (clockwise from top left): Owl candle via, Memento Mori Pink skull candle by DL & Company, Buddha candle by Blisslivinghome and Bulldog candle by Bougie la Francaise.

And what if I did something totally different and picked a candle shaped as a man-made object instead like these wonderful little matchboxes?

Matchbox candles via
Matchbox candles via

So what say you, any suggestions?

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  1. eric permalink
    March 12, 2012 4:50 am

    tes bougies sont très belles
    je ne connaissait pas celle avec le medaillon

  2. Stuart Maxwell permalink
    July 2, 2012 9:41 am

    My wife absolutely adores the Roman Ficek sail boat candles but I can’t find them anywhere…..any advise as to how to track them down would be really appreciated!! Stuart

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